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myHab takes the pain out of property managment. Whether you currently use an agent or not, myHAB lets you stay in control. You can see how well your portfolio is performing and can even produce a tax return with one click. Tenants can see what they need to, get alerts and log issues. Sign up for your free trial.

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Keep up to date

We keep you in the loop. We will let you know the short version of changes to legislation and regulations in your particular area.

Simple & Easy

myHab is really simple to use. We won't overwhelm you with buttons and features - just the stuff you really need to get the job done.

Real-time Tax Liability

Along with many other analytics, myHab shows you your tax liability in real time. Entering receipts as never been as much fun:) Now, every time you enter a receipt, you can see your tax liability drop.

Everything Online

Get instant access to any property details including lease, EPC, transactions, mortgage details etc. Log transactions as they happen to make sure they are never missed.

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Watch our little video for a flavour of what myHab is all about: Solving problems and making life easier.

myHab was written by landlords for landlords. The system is built on the simple ethos that, renting out properties is a pain - so anything we can do to make it simpler is good. That includes logging transactions, reconciling bank statements, producing tax returns, talking to tenants, dealing with issues, finding good value and good quality tradesmen and getting advice from other people who have walked the walk.

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